About Us
 Benifits of Signing Up

  1. 10% off all purchases for the individual Customer at the time of purchase.
  2. A quarterly sponsorship contribution check for 5% of the total spending a organizations members spend at Arcadia sports.
  3. Arcadia sports has also donate 1 -30 minute gift certificate for each team in the league.
  4. Arcadia sports has paid for 5 economically challenged children to play little league.

How It Works

The only information needed for you to enroll into the preferred customer program is your full name and email address. Arcadia sports will present you with an individual preferred customer card that you can present whenever making a purchase to receive the discount. If you have forgotten the card you can give your name or email address and the discount can be applied to your purchase. At the end of each quarter Acadia sports will Run a sales report for all the purchases that the Little League members have made and mail a check for 5% of the total to the League. This program is specifically designed to help financial support the local leagues and organizations that are financially supporting our business.

A Big Thank You, From Everyone here at Arcadia Sports.

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